Authors : Husain K Bhaldar, Dr.M.M.Patil, Mahesh S Mathapti, Mainaz S Ustad.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 8

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In today’s era we must think on the renewable energy sources such as solar light, water waves, wind speed & heat. We must think on the gadgets used by human beings in the day today life such as mobile phone, laptops etc. So for such appliances we must produce the energy which we are wasting daily. In this paper mechanical force created by all human beings is used for the generation of the electrical energy by using Piezo Electric sensor. This paper proposes the use of power created by foot pressure due to movement of living organism. When the Piezo transducers is placed inside the shoes of human being, due to the force/pressure applied by human leg on the Piezo crystal the AC voltage is produced across the Piezo crystal. This AC signal is rectified by the bridge rectifier with a filter & energy is stored in the lithium battery, this stored energy applied as energy source to various application such as agriculture, mobile charger and road light illumination.
Keywords:- Piezo Electric Sensor, Rectifier Bridge, & Mobile.