Authors :- Manisha B. Kamthe, Prof. Pravin N. Matte

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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Now a day’s industry in every area of engineering has increased. We need more manpower to control the industrial operations. Taking into consideration the risk of humanlife,eventhough more manpower is available(smart & educated workers)we need to control the industrial operations remotely.In this paper I present the idea of Industrial Safety and Light energy saving by using GSM(Global System for Mobile)and Bluetooth technology.For sensing the environmental conditions we use different sensors.In the proposed system we sense temperature and CO2 for taking industrial precautions.For processing data we need ADC to convert analog data into digital form.This data is processed and necessary control action is taken by FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Arrays)which is the heart of the system.I have also presented the idea of controlling streetlights remotely.For sensing the light intensity we use LDR(Light Dependent Resistor).We also use PIR(Passive Infrared Sensors)for detecting human presence.By using this technique we can save electrical energy required illuminating the streetlights more than usual technique.Whenever the emergency situations occures in industry the proposed system will take necessary action and sends SMS to the operator.
Keywords—GSM, SMS, FPGA, PIR, LDR, Bluetooth.