Authors :-C.Ramesh Kumar, Sangeeth.V, Sankar Narayanan.M, Udhay Kumar.G.B, Vignesh.R.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Vehicle-to-vehicle communication promises to be a next major step towards safe and efficient road traffic. By modulating the vehicles tail’s light, it is possible to transmit even –based messages with the current status of the car. Though self-driving cars could eventually improve safety, they remain imperfect and unproven, with sensors and software too easily bamboozled by poor weather, unexpected obstacles or circumstances, or complex city driving To avoid this, a miniature model was created using Light Fidelity technology . We focus on the security aspects and features of our project. We present that the multimodal data processing of our work is safe and secured. The driver notification and alert messages are intended to keep the driver safe from road accidents. The data transmission using Light Fidelity, instead of Wireless Fidelity, makes the communication secured due to the absence of radio wave’ interference with other road users and the absence of electromagnetic interference makes it a green technology.
Keywords:- Li-fi, VLC,IP camera.