Authors : Syed Mohammad Bilal Kazmi, Dr Zahoor ul Hussain awan, Dr Saud hashmi.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Worldwide strict rules are in place to control the greenhouse gas emissions. Ionic liquid are rapidly receiving the attention of the world in this regard as the most effective and potentially viable candidate for the capturing of the CO2 and make the process environment friendly . The selection of ionic liquid from its broader class with the potential to remove the CO2 is considered as a challenging task. Considering the selective removal of CO2 [Bmim][BF4] has been selected as the potential solvent based on its selectivity and solubility of CO2 and shale gas components. Furthermore, a suitable thermodynamic model has been adapted based on the physical and chemical data of the ionic liquid and incorporating it on the ASPEN Plus® process simulation software to evaluate the ionic liquid based decarbonization technology. The results shows that around 90% of CO2 has been absorbed by the ionic liquid in comparison to the amine based solvent commercially been utilized for the process. Two processing model have been used single and multi-stage flashing after the absorption column.
Keywords:- Shale gas, amines, ionic liquid, CO2 removal, energy efficient.