Authors : Anjali Malakar, Anubha Prajapati.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Nowadays, automation of digital electronic systems is growing rapidly, which has made human life more comfortable and easier. There are various home appliances available in electronic market which can operate through remote or automatically by robotic intelligence. After surveying various techniques developed in the area of automation of home appliances, it has been observed that, there is a need of an intelligent system that can control through voice commands which can provide high level of accuracy and reliability to help in the most effective manner to persons with disabilities. This paper proposed a system which can operate through voice commands by employing Best Guess Method and LPC (Linear Prediction filter Coefficients). Proposed technique offers high level of accuracy to remotely operate the appliance just by using voice commands. To enhance the reliability of system, speech recognition technique is used. Recognition technique is exploited by voice tool box and further implemented in MATLAB.
Keywords:- Speech Recognition, LPC, VCD, PLP, Home Automation, MATLAB.