Authors : Dr.Olive Thambi & K. Geetha.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 8

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The woman’s life and struggle under the oppressive mechanism of a closed society are reflected in the novel Home. The impact of patriarchy is highly focused on the novel. It also reveals how women characters like Sona, Rupa, and Nisha are suppressed inside their homes in the name of familial values and virtues. This paper aims to analyse, how women in the Indian society become victims of tradition joint family after marriage, and how they suffer and live in the family with an absolute endurance inspite of all vulnerabilities and manmade virtues.
Nissim Ezekiel in his popular poem Enterprise has rightly mentioned “ Home is where we have to gather grace” which shows how one could find peace of mind and harmony only at one’s home not anywhere else.