Authors :- Mohammad Hamid, Siddiqui Mohd. Sharique, Shaikh Uzair Ahd, Bind Rahul

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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We are highlighting on the topic of Conference Alert, which is very fundamental approach for the people. Those who are interested in conference alert. For such types of people at the beginning has to visit several sites to collect the information about the conference, it requires a lots of time wasting to achieve the proper information. We are developing a web-portal on conference alert through the scraping from different web sites. Where all the users will get proper information about the conference without the wasting time and it will also notify to the user on which date and time the conference will be going too held on. The library that we are going to use to extract the data from different websites by using Beautiful Soup. It is an incredible tool for pulling out the information from a web pages. You can use it to extract tables, lists, paragraph and you can also put filters to extract information from web pages. Phython idioms and few simple methods are provided by Beautiful Soup for navigating, searching, and modifying a parse tree. It is a toolkit for dissecting and extracting a document or information what you need. It required less code to develop an application.
Keywords—Web Scraping, Beautiful Soup, Data Analyzer.