Authors : SahayaSakila V, Momin Nawaf Khalil, Prateek Kulkarni.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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This paper describe microcontroller based system which interface with PC to decode and encode the given user message. We have used Arduino UNO microcontroller. After the origin of wireless communication technology it has gain enormous popularity, and it offers a reliable medium for communication. Telegraphy using Morse code is one of the earliest methods used in field of electric communication. Generally, wireless communication means transferring the information from one place to another place which are not connected by any means of electrical network. Morse code speed is generally measure in Words per Minutes (WPM) or Characters Per Minutes (CPM), skilled person can often understand 40 wpm depending upon the length of words. Morse code is universally used for SOS, amateur radios, aviation navy and coast guard. This article provides a system which is useful for wireless communication which is much simpler mode of communication and reduces writing complexity.
Keywords:- Morse code, LDR, Binary Search Tree, Arduino UNO.