Authors :- Nita H. Shah , Foram A. Thakkar , Bijal M. Yeolekar

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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In this paper, a mathematical model for the analysis of tuberculosis due to smoking has been developed as a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations. To get cured of this disease a medication is necessary for the suffering individuals. After taking medications some people try to adapt the path of giving up smoking and helps in making society free of smoking. For this, smoking free equilibrium point and smoking existence equilibrium point has been found. Basic reproduction number has been calculated at smoking free equilibrium point which will give us an approximate idea of an individuals who are victim of it in our society. Stability analysis has been carried out at both the equilibrium points. Simulation has been carried out to support the analytical results.
Keywords—Smoking, Tuberculosis, Basic Reproduction Number, Medication, Local stability, Global Stability.