Authors : Kien Vu Ngoc, Cong Huu Nguyen.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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The control of the temperature of the slab, as the control of the temperature field in the slab when only measuring the temperature in the furnace, is a highly applicable problem in many industries. In order to control the temperature of the slab, it is necessary to know the temperature distribution of the slab or the mathematical model of the slab. There are several ways to calculate the temperature field of the slab, however, these methods are often very complex and are not conducive to the design of the controller
The article presents a mathematical model of slab based on the transfer function model. Based on the slab transfer function model, it is easy to understand the temperature distribution in the slab and the design of the slab temperature controller. The results of the research have been verified through simulation and have shown the possibility of being able to apply in practice.
Keywords:- Slab, Transfer Function Model, Mathematical Model, Temperature Field.