Authors :-Nithyashree D.G, Praveen D N , Lohitesh Jaga Kumar.

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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Polymer matrix composites reinforced with Synthetic fibers such as glass, carbon, aramid, etc. though they are expensive these are being used in various application since they favorable mechanical properties. Now a days natural fibers occurring such as sisal, flax, hemp, jute, coir, bamboo, banana, etc. are widely used for environmental concern over synthetic fibers. Engineered bio-composites are needed to meet the needs of users for construction and commodity products which will simultaneously maximize the sustainability of natural resources. These engineered bio composites are opening new markets. In this project, Hybrid fibers like Jute and Glass fibers, Sisal and Coir fibers are reinforced with Epoxy matrix and composites have been developed by manual hand layup technique. These natural fibers were treated with NAOH (Alkali treatment) for better fiber matrix adhesion. The fiber percentages (20%, 30%, & 40% by weight) were used for the preparation of hybrid composites. These natural fiber reinforced hybrid composites were then characterized by Flexural test.
Keywords: Oral route, Fast dissolving film, pediatric and geriatric pat