Authors : Fazludheen Chammala, Dhanish C, Musafir MT, Mohamed Rabeeh.M, Safeer Ali PK, Rahul V.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Photovoltaic cells are widely used in harvesting solar energy. Photovoltaic cells convert solar light energy to electric energy. At higher temperature, efficiency of photovoltaic cells decreases drastically. Proper cooling can be used to circumvent this limitation. We intend to introduce a system which will cool the photovoltaic cell while working in high temperature. The project includes a comprehensive study of photovoltaic cells under high temperature with and without cooling system and analyzing it. Solar energy can be converted into electrical or thermal form. We are using 4 types of cooling,
 Air Cooling
 Forced Air Cooling.
 Water Cooling.
 Peltier Cooling.
Using these 4 cooling system we are comparing the efficiencies of solar panel.
Keywords:- Exergy Analysis; Energy Analysis; Peltier Module; Photovoltaic thermal systems; Solar radiation.