Authors :-S.Milkin Sudharson, S.Muthupandi, M.Pavithran Dr.T.Parameshwaranpillai.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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New trends in sheet metal forming are emerging rapidly and different process have been developed and used to accomplish the required goals of flexibility and reduction of cost in production. One of the innovative process in sheet metal forming process is the Incremental Sheet metal Forming process for small batch production which eliminates the die, punch and errors. In this work, Single Point Incremental Forming(SPIF) technique was carried out on CuZn37(Brass) sheets. Straight groove and cupping test were carried using hemispherical ended tool in CNC vertical milling machine. Deformation for the various incremental step depths were measured on straight groove with different lengths. On cupping test different wall angle cups formed and their respective deformation for various incremental step depths were measured and tabulated. The Forming Limit Diagrams (FLD) for both the test were plotted. It is also found that the formability decreases as the step depth increases during the SPIF process.
Keywords:- Formabilty, Single point incremental forming, Forming limit diagram, Deformation, Sheet metal forming.