Authors : S.Sandana Socrates, Dr. S. Lavanya Prabha, & S.Raja.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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In this paper the analyses and design for the bridge embankment have been made and the study of its construction techniques is also explained. Excel and Plaxis 2D software are used for analysis of stabilities and response of the structure. The bridge embankment consists of skin, fill and soil reinforcement. The stability of embankment depends on surcharge load, soil fill and soil reinforcement. Para-web technology is a modern method for soil reinforcement in embankment to replace Geo-grid. Mechanically Stabilized Earth method is adopted for construction of artificial embankment and Precast RE wall panels are used as skin. Different types of filling materials can be used of which fly ash is found to have higher strength than other alternative materials. This paper can help the future to construct artificial bridge embankment in a simple and faster ways where less skilled labours are required.
Keywords:- Embankment, Mechanically Stabilized Earth, Soil reinforcement, Geo-grid.