Authors :-B.Jeyanthi, M.Sangeeth Kumar, R.Shanmuga Nathan, B.Dheeparaj Muthiah.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The large amount of Industrial wastes as increased year by year and disposal becomes a very serious problem. . Steel slag is a waste material generated as a byproduct during the manufacturing of steel from steel industries. The quantity of creation is around 12611.8 T per year from different steel industries in the India. Presently, it has no applications and dumped randomly on the land available near the plants .It is necessary to exploit the steel slag waste effectively with technical development in each field. By utilizing this slag in roads, the waste material will be used and slag won’t cause any harmful impact on the environment. In this project, a typical steel slag was collected from a Steel industry and its feasibility for use in subgrade of road construction was investigated. To improve its Geotechnical engineering properties, the Steel Slag material was mechanically stabilized with locally available soil in the range of 1% – 10%. The soil samples were collected from two sources (in Krishnan koil and in vatrap) and the CBR tests were conducted for the raw samples and mixed with steel slag with different proportions. Within this we identified that the CBR values are increased by adding the steel slags with the proportions of 9.5% and 4% with the soil samples 1&2 respectively having high value of CBR. Therefore the thickness of the pavement with steel slag are also reduced from 85cm to 70cm and 80cm to72cm respectively with cost effective manner.
Keywords:-steel slag, red soil, minimize flexible pavement thickness.