Authors : Yogesh Giri Goswami, Nikhil Saxena.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Schmitt trigger is used to augment noise protection of a circuit of broaden delay and power consumption. The main function of Schmitt trigger is used to decreasing noise issue in the circuit. In this current paper, the comparison of two techniques, CMOS and CNT based transistors of Schmitt trigger in 32nm technology is compared regarding various performance factors being power consumption, delay, hysteresis loss, leakage current etc. In this paper the Schmitt trigger is used in such a method that via making an adjustment in the voltage its premature is enhanced by the output as the time conversion and the consumption of the power is less thus decreasing the output delay. The complete circuit functioning of Schmitt Trigger is replicated and performed on the Spice tool for both CMOS and CNT transistors in 32nm technology. The results exhibit that CNT 4T Schmitt Trigger reduces the consumption of power, leakage as well as output delay thereby obtaining better efficiency and results over CMOS based circuit.
Keywords:- 4T Schmitt Trigger, CMOS, CNT, Power Consumption, Leakage, Delay, Hysteresis loss, SPICE Tool.