Authors : Emagbetere Eyere, Oreko, Benjamin Ufuoma, Agberegha, Orobome Larry, Oghenekowho Peter.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 7

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In this work, a simple, low cost, less weight and less energy to operate mechanical puller was developed. The puller screw shaft was first design for, followed by the nut and then its collar top. Nonconventional shapes were assumed for the collars and handles. Finite element analyses were used to evaluate the von-misses stress in the arm and collar which had complex shapes. The result of finite element analysis revealed that the puller is not likely to fail under the design working conditions. The designed 3 arm mechanical bearing puller was fabricated and was successfully used to remove a number of bearings stuck in shaft.
Keywords:- Mechanical puller, Finite Element Analysis, Shaft, Puller screw, von-misses stress.