Authors :- IndraRoza , Junaidi , Faisal Irsan Pasaribu , Weriono , SoniHestukoro

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Micro hydro is used for power plant installations that use water energy. Water conditions that can be utilized as electricity generating resources have certain flow capacity and specificity of the installation. The greater the flow capacity and height of the installation the greater the energy that can be utilized to generate electrical energy. Data at a location is as follows: Q = 39.9 m3 / s, Hn = 24 m and η = 0.5. So, the magnitude of power potential (P) is: 4.69 Kw with Pico-hydro turbine specification between 5 KW, To build a PLTMH with an installed capacity of 1 kW, an initial cost of Rp 4 million is required. Micro hydro lifespan designed is 10 years at a cost. Operational Rp. 1 Million / year. So the total cost becomes Rp. 10 million. Therefore, the average cost (Rp) per day is Rp 3836 / day, while Cost (price) per kWh is determined by the average daily cost and the amount of electric energy generated per day (kWh / day). Energy per day is determined by the amount of installed power and power factor1. If the power factor is assumed to be 12, then the price of electric energy per kWh is Rp 320 / kWh.
Keyword:-Anlalisis, Planning Ekonimis PLTMH, Pico-Hydro Turbine, 5 kW.