Authors : Jamaluddin, Andi Makassau, Hasanuddin.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Types of qualitative research approach through Phenomenology, the results showed that the ability to build economic independence through the spirit not to depend on a monthly salary as an employee or employees boils down to entrepreneurship capabilities which in principle will give influence on the progress of the economy and the improvement in the economic situation of society Indonesia right now is because of selfemployment can create jobs, improve the quality of life the community, increase equity income, utilize and mobilize resources to enhance national productivity, and to improve the well-being of the Government. Thus, the increasing development of entrepreneurship can improve the economy in Indonesia. self-employment can be an alternative in alleviating poverty and unemployment in Indonesia. The Government is expected to support the advancement of entrepreneurship in Indonesia by way of providing capital so entrepreneurs can set up businesses without obstruction regarding the cost of capital. Search jobs that previously was only interested in the formal sector are also expected to change his view and switch on the informal sector that is entrepreneurial.
Keywords:- Self-reliance, Entrepreneurship, economic, Formal, Government.