Authors : Arun An, Arun C, Asnaf Pp, Hashim Kt, Sree Rohit P, Shameel K.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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This paper titled “wood shredder” focused on the Wood is widely used as a fuel source both domestically and industrially. The sliced wood is mainly used as firewood. Making wood into suitable small sized logs was a tedious task. Nowadays, different machineries are used for this purpose. Most widely used such machineries are manual wood splitter, hydraulic wood splitter and gas wood splitter. While manual wood splitters require human effort hydraulic wood splitters are costly, Gas wood splitters running on gas engine have the disadvantage of polluting emissions. The wood shredder design we are proposing is electricity driven thus making it environment friendly and less costly. This equipment is able to split big wood piece into smaller pieces within very short amount of time.
Keywords:- Wood shredder,wood splitter.