Authors :- B. Kalaiselvi , V. Thangarathinam

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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Tandem queues are widely used in mathematical modelling of tandem processes describing the operation of Manufacturing systems, supply chains, Computer and telecommunication networks. In many of the communication systems the arrivals are time dependent and can be characterized by a non homogenous Poisson process. In this paper we developed and analyzed the four node tandem communication network model with feedback to each and every node assuming that the arrivals are follows homogeneous Poisson process. The transmission time required by each packet at each node is dependent on the content of the buffer connected to it. The transient behaviour of the network model is analyzed by deriving system performance like exploitation, throughput, mean number of packets, mean delay. The sensitive analysis of the reveals that homogeneous Poisson arrivals improve the quality of service.
Keywords:-Tandem Network, Feedback, Homogeneous Poisson Process, Performance Measures, Sensitive Analysis.