Authors : Mojmir Sabolovic, jaroslav Jansky, Vaclav Kupcak.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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Using valuation multiples generates a number of methodological questions in adjusting the multiples to the particular industry. In this paper, we identify the most accurate method of estimation of the multiples for the business valuation. Extensive secondary theoretical research in the theory of valuation was done for analyzing the appropriate multiples. Math Gnostics non-parametric method is used vice versa in comparison with standard statistical location parameters to find the proper mean value. Local and Global Gnostics’ functions reached lower deviation of Market Value. The evidence shows that using the Gnostics’ location parameters instead of statistical ones allows reached Market Value with higher accuracy. The future research intention is focused on the application of Math Gnostics on the digital economy sector.
Keywords:- Valuation; Multiples; Math Gnostics; Accuracy.