Authors :-H.A.Wadekar, S.V.More, U.S.Muley G.S.Dhumal.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The shell and tube heat exchanger is used in wide variety of industrial application particularly in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. In most case fluid is liquid on the tube side exchanging heat with gas, usually air. The current study focused on the base tube there by giving excellent heat transfer. Steam coil air pre-heater is type heat exchanger. The equipment is particularly used to heat the atmospheric air to required process temperature by mean of saturated steam. Steam flows inside the tube while air passes over tube. It is generally used for heating the combustion air for all type high capacity boilers, recovery boiler and dryers etc. where in winter season temperature goes below 100C consistently. In this dissertation, we have fixed the design methodology of design of SCAPH by using the data of old system, cross check with exact site feedback and by using the same methodology design the new SCAPH thermal design for project.
Keywords – air pre-heater, saturated steam, tubes, SCAPH.