Authors :-Kumari Bhawana, Dr. Rajesh S L.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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This In this era, Social Medias generates great deal of information daily it’s unimaginable to store great deal of information during an ancient info. Here the challenge isn’t solely to learn information, however conjointly to access and analyze the information requested during a given amount of your time. one in every of the favored implementations to resolve massive Data’s previous challenges is that the use of Hadoop. Any publication during a social network typically receives a whole bunch and thousands of comments and it’s tough for a user to research all the comments for the opinion of the individuals. So, currently, sentiment analysis is that the best to seek out the opinion of individuals concerning any product, organization, academic, politics, sports etc. By exploitation the social media like twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+, Instagram etc. whereas Twitter information is very instructive, presents a challenge to analysis attributable to its monumental and chaotic nature. During this we tend to focus regarding a way to do sentiment analysis of huge quantity of twitter information by exploitation Hadoop and algorithmic rule and conjointly increase the accuracy of sentiment analysis in minimum needed time.
Keywords:- Twitter data, Hadoop, Kafka, spark, Random forest algorithm.