Authors : Prashanth H. K., Manjunatha G D, M. Gururaj Naik, Srinivas M.T.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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The cogeneration plant uses bagasse and Coal as raw material for the electricity generation. The main function of cogeneration power plant in the sugar industry is to supply electricity to the industry and processed water and steam to the various other departments like Ethanol plant, Sugar industry, Distillery plant etc., Before using coal and bagasse in the furnace it has to be tested for its quality and testing is done in the lab. Both bagasse and coal tested before and after usage in the furnace to ensure its quality. Coal can be tested in two possible ways, namely ARB (air received base) and ADB (air dried base), it is adviced to do ARB test but, practically it does not work due to sticky characteristic of coal thus ADB test is done which gives almost nearer value that of the ARB with an error of 1 to 2% but in acceptable range. Caol testing is done and inspected for its quality, Inert moisture(IM) test, Ash Content(AC) test, Volatile moisture(VM) test, Fixed carbon determination, GCV Determination.
Keywords:- 5000 TCD of sugar, ARB, ADB, Ash, Volatality, GCV, Fixed carbon, Inert moisture.