Authors :Sameer B. Nadaf, Dr. B. K. Sonage, D. D. Bhoge, S. S. Kale.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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Energy is essential for the existence of human life and it plays a vital role in programmer of nation. Countries energy demand is growing 3.67% yearly, so nowadays, refrigeration systems have become one of the most important systems for people’s daily lives. In India, it can be seen that several houses have a room air conditioner installed in it. The use of air conditioner consumes about 40 % of the total of electricity used in a house. So it is essential to develop energy efficient refrigeration and air conditioning systems to conserve the energy. In this paper, performance evaluation of air conditioner with and without using earth air tunnel heat exchanger is being investigated by using the experimental results. The results are improved when the EATHE is coupled with air conditioning system, which increases the COP of the system by nearly 11%. The power consumption of the compressor reduces by nearly 15% when the Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger system is used instead of condenser fan.
Keywords:- Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger (EATHE), Coefficient of Performance (COP), Air Conditioning system.