Authors : Govinda Nawal, Dr. H.S. Patil, Dr. Y.D. Patil.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 8

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The way to become familiar with the structural engineering is to understand the structural engineering concepts and principals. For instance, resonance is the key to understand the vibration characteristic of the structure due to the dynamic load applied at the natural frequency to the structure, force path describes the transmission of the force at the supports, the concept of the prestress and many more. To make the students better understand the concepts and principles, we need to make such concepts more observable and touchable. Now computers had replaced many hand calculations so it is the need of today’s era to discover new methods to understand the structural engineering concepts and principles. So we won’t flawed by the incorrect computer analysis.
Keywords:- Structural engineering, model concept, frame, trusses, shear centre.