Authors : Tanmay Shukla, Priyavand Bundela.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Inverter , a power electronic device used to convert dc voltage into ac voltage at desired frequency. Being a power electronic device, it is more efficient and reliable due to absence of rotating part. Now a days an inverter is not only a device but also a part of power industry but a simple inverter has only two level so the out coming wave is much distorted form fundamental sine wave which introduces the harmonics into the circuit which makes the total system less efficient along with that the age of system decreases also there is a danger of faulty operation [1]. As the harmonics have heating effect along with distortion which is not good for load as well as whole power system. So the concept of multilevel inverter arises in which the levels of the inverter is increased so that the distortion of the outcoming wave could be minimized [2].as the level rises the sinosoidality of the output wave increases and thus harmonic content this paper various standard topologies for multilevel inverters are being studied and a new asymmetrical multilevel inverter topology for 7 level inverter is proposed and its results are being discussed and compared with H-bridge type multilevel inverter.