Authors : Suraj J Patil, Ashoka T, Rajeev K. Tavildar, Anand A. Kulkarni.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Vehicle rollover accidents are most damaging types. These crashes include the deformation of the vehicle roof and its supporting members. The neck and head injuries are more, and these are associated with the roof deformation. The main objective of this paper is to identify the different vehicle body structure design and assigning the suitable material, FMVSS 216 (Federal motor vehicle safety standard) is the only standard regulation for rollover crashworthiness for passenger vehicles and is to establish a minimum level of vehicle roof strength. This standard gives strength requirements for the vehicle roof, supporting members and is intended to decrease the injuries and deaths resulting from the damaging of the roof into the passenger compartment in rollover crashes. Therefore, this study is according to the standard way of doing analysis by numerical approach i.e FEA. The software packages used to simulate this are hyper mesh, LS-Dyna. Finally evaluated the displacements and reaction forces of the vehicle roof and validated with the FMVSS standards.
Keywords:- Roof crush resistance,FMVSS 216, Hypermesh, LS-Dyna.