Authors :-Rahul R. Zagade. Aniket B. Mokashi. Mayur K. Shirke. Sayali.S.Paithankar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Focus of the paper is to study the earthing and earthing problem at 33/11 KV Pandare substation. Successful operation of power system depends on performance of substations. Substations is heart of power system. In substation, a well made earthing takes an important role. Non-appearance of safe earthing system can result in Bad-operation of control and protective devices, Earthing system design deserves appreciable attentiveness for all the substations. Earthing system has to be secure as it is directly consider with safety of persons working within the substation.
Keywords:- Earthing, Earth electrodes, Power systems, Safety, Touch and Step voltages.